Minnesota 34, Chicago 31: Yo, Adrian!

What a game.

Firstly, Adrian Peterson (who’s already running away with the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award) racked up 361 all-purposes yards against one of the league’s best defenses; 224 of those were on the ground, and three of his runs wound up in the end zone. Then, in classic Minnesota Vikings fashion, the defence squandered a 14-point lead in the final three minutes of the fourth quarter. And then, just when it was looking like Chicago was taking over, a Peterson kick return set up a game-winning, 55-yard field goal by Ryan Longwell. Prior to today, Minnesota hasn’t beaten the Bears at Soldier Field since Daunte Culpepper’s first year as a starting quarterback.

The win moves the Vikings to 2-3 on the year; they’ll probably lose next week (Tony Romo must be salivating at the thought of facing that secondary), but then have a slew of winnable games on the slate. Who knows? It’s been such a wacky year for football that anything, truly, seems possible. Even Tarvaris Jackson guiding a team to a playoff berth.

Two other football-related thoughts. One, watching the New England Patriots is like watching a video game team in the flesh. I mean, how can this team lose?? And while it’s hard to stomach watching Randy Moss tearing up the NFL in someone else’s uniform, it’s difficult not to be impressed. Two, after watching Mike Holmgren botch the two-minute drill of tonight’s Seahawks/Saints game, I’m curious what it’d take for me to become an NFL head coach. Because clearly, the bar is set very, very low these days.


One thought on “Minnesota 34, Chicago 31: Yo, Adrian!

  1. How can the Pats lose? I know, it seems improbable with Wes Welker running all over the place (did you enjoy the Welker infomercial hosted by Phil Simms, aka the Cowboys game, as much as I did?), but keep in mind that a certain team gets two cracks at them this year and has a history to protect.Do you really think Cleo Lemon wants to be known as the man who let the unbeaten season milestone be tarnished? Not a chance.

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