Another Northern Night

The fog clung to the ground, hovered in the air, battered the van’s windshield; at times it was as thick as the proverbial pea soup, and it made a dangerous road even more treacherous. Spending your evening driving alone along an unlit, single-lane highway in Northern Alberta is not, in the strictest sense of the word, “safe” fun. Throw in the martime fog, and it was an arduous hour.

But I had to get back to Cold Lake–because earlier this evening the Toronto Maple Leafs, forty-eight hours removed from a 7-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, beat the New York Islanders 8-1 in a game which featured Mats Sundin becoming the team’s all-time leading goalscorer. When your favourite team beats a team which, twenty-four hours previously, had beaten a consensus Stanley Cup favourite, you owe it to yourself to get back to the hotel in time for Sportscentre…even if you arrive back to find it’s been preempted in favour of ultimate fighting.

Tomorrow, I’m retracing my steps–first back to Bonnyville, then back to Edmonton and, eventually, to Calgary, where an evening with QMVJN awaits. It’s been a great week. Recruiting in Alberta has its advantages–notably that the majority of the events are run by an organization called ELAA, which emphasizes cooperation among institutions as opposed to traditional “recruiting”. It also makes travelling a communal experience; having spent four weeks alone in the hinterland of Northern Ontario earlier this year, I can assure you it’s a much more positive experience. I’m back out in two weeks; in the interim I’ve got a bunch of school visits in Calgary to attend to, which’ll be a nice change of pace.

A few random thoughts:

  • If I hear one more story about Carey Price making his debut twenty-two years to the date Patrick Roy made his debut for the Montreal Canadiens, I’m going to throw my television out the window.
  • Mats Sundin: greatest Leaf of all-time? Discuss.
  • Headshots in the NHL…I mean, at some point this has to stop right? (By the way, congratulations Dean McAmmond for being back on skates already.)
  • I think I’m in love with LCD Soundsystem. What a great band. Ditto the Hold Steady.
  • Another great album: Graduation by Kanye West. It’s not College Dropout, but the lead single (along with an insistent Daft Punk sample) is a work of staggering genius.
  • Sportsnet Connected just mentioned the Bertuzzi/Moore incident. Please: let it go. It’s been almost four years.
  • Speaking of media overkill…ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Sidney Crosby!
  • Baseball’s getting down to the wire, and I think I speak for almost everyone when I say: “Please, God, anybody but the Boston Red Sox.” I don’t think I could tolerate even more Masshole gloating.

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