Green Bay 23, Minnesota 16

Again: a semi-competent quarterback, and the Minnesota Vikings would’ve won this afternoon. Instead, we had to suffer through another week of Kelly Holcomb’s deer-in-the-headlights impersonation (not to mention an absolute backbreaking interception on a drive which could’ve tied the game). That, plus an incompetent coach (Brad Children is apparently happy to run Adrian Peterson except when it really matters) and you’ve got the incredients for a 1-3 football team.

Brett Favre, meanwhile, broke the NFL’s all-time touchdown record this afternoon…and predictably, Fox spent the rest of the game gushing over him. “It’s good to be the best quarterback…ever!” cried JC Pearson after a Favre touchdown pass made the score 23-9. It was like that all afternoon–and it’s going to be like that all season long, at least as long as the Packers keep winning (they’re 4-0 and running away with the NFC North). I know it’s kind of a big deal, and I won’t begrudge Favre becoming the most prolific passer in NFL history. I don’t hate Brett Favre–I just can’t stand how the American media, in its desperate attempt to create national heroes, has turned him into a modern day Horatio Alger. His accomplishments are magnified; his deficiences (and he’s got ’em, like a lock on the NFL’s all-time interception lead before the season is done) are ignored. The fact that I cheer for one of his team’s biggest rivals makes it even harder for me to stomach.

We get it: Brett Favre loves playing football, doesn’t care about personal accomplishments as long as his team is winning, would gladly play for free if it meant doing the “Lambeau Leap” in front of his adoring fans. We get it because it’s been shoved down our throats throughout Favre’s career. I won’t begrudge him his accomplishment–but you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not looking forward to hearing about it for the rest of the year. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a Chris Cornell concert to get ready for.


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