Kansas City 10, Minnesota 7

Pick any semi-competent quarterback (or even a semi-competent Tarvaris Jackson, which isn’t necessarily the same thing), and the Minnesota Vikings are 3-0. I’m not kidding: their defense is stifling, and Adrian Peterson is already running away with the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Alas, neither can compensate for the fact that the Vikings’ quarterbacks flat-out suck. Last week it was Jackson throwing four INT’s against Detroit; this week, former third-stringer Kelly Holcomb wilted in the face of Kansas City’s incessant pass rush. And while a second-quarter pass to Visanthe Shinacoe should’ve been ruled a touchdown (it was initially called incomplete, and there was insufficient visual evidence to overturn the ruling on the field), Holcomb had plenty of other opportunities to redeem himself. He didn’t, and now the Vikings are 1-2 on the year, facing a (gulp) resurgent Green Bay Packers team next week and staring another losing season in the face.

On the plus side, Manchester United beat Chelsea 2-0 today…and while it might’ve been a harsh decision against him, seeing John Obi Mikel red carded at Old Trafford was absolutely bloody marvelous.


2 thoughts on “Kansas City 10, Minnesota 7

  1. if it makes you feel any better, The Rams suck goat ass.the Arizona Cardinals have won more games than us…did you hear the funny joke last week on ESPN? someone said well here’s the state of things: the Packers are 2-0, the Cowboys are 2-0 and the 9ers are 2-0 and OJ is in court…feels like the mid 90s all over again!but I have been impressed with AP…very nice pickup. my team just blows…

  2. Yeah, your team *is* awful, although what I wouldn’t do to have Marc Bulger instead of Tarvaris Jackson (at least right now), Brooks Bolinger (you’ve *got* to be joking) or Kelly frigging Holcomb. And that joke rules.

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