Detroit 20, Minnesota 17 (O.T.)

Greetings from Fernie, British Columbia…and apparently, I just missed the most ridiculous football game ever played. Minnesota doesn’t lose to the Detroit Lions; they’d won ten in a row against their divisional foes before this afternoon’s game at Ford Field (which I didn’t attend, obviously, the first time since 2003 I didn’t see the Vikings in Detroit). Today, finally, the Law of Averages caught up with the Vikings…but really, when your starting quarterback throws four interceptions and gets pulled for Brooks Bolinger, when your defense almost outscores your offense again (today: offense 10, defense 7) and when a potential game-winning field goal clangs off the upright, maybe the Law of Averages has nothing to do with it.

So the Vikings are 1-1, with games against the awful Kansas City Chiefs (0-2) and the overachieving Green Bay Packers (2-0) on the horizon. I’m going out for a curry dinner before settling in for Football Night in America and getting ready for my very first recruitment trip to get officially underway. Scandalous pictures from Panorama to follow.


2 thoughts on “Detroit 20, Minnesota 17 (O.T.)

  1. “The over achieving Packers”You know that you put that in just to rile me….well it’s not going to work….honestly…I not at all annoyed…..despite what my face might say.Actually, you’ll have to inform me about this Pack as I have yet to actually see them play. I hear their defence is playing very well…..and Favre….well he’s relying on the short stuff but breaking a few records in the process….any thoughts… I have a fantastic radio show for you to listen to via internet….I will send you the details soon

  2. No, it wasn’t to annoy you. If I wanted to annoy you I’d have made a dig at Brett Favre, ’cause I recognize your man-love for the Big Cheese. 😉 But seriously, they were really good yesterday; the Philly game was a total fluke, but the Packers pwn3d the Giants–gotta give credit where it’s due.

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