Minnesota 24, Atlanta 3

Like I said, I won’t be devoting much virtual ink to the Minnesota Vikings this year. But…when your favourite football team blows out its Week 1 opponent (albeit an undermanned opponent with a new coach, a new quarterback and an offseason full of unprecedent controversy), scores two defensive touchdowns and gets an MVP-calibre performance from its first-round draft pick (Adrian Peterson, a.k.a. Purple Jesus, pictured left turning a near-fumble into a 60-yard touchdown reception), aren’t you sort of obligated to at least mention it?

The answer: of course you are. Minnesota could go 1-15 this year, but at least I got me an opening day to savour.


4 thoughts on “Minnesota 24, Atlanta 3

  1. I was going to watch opening day with Rahul but got sidetracked..I haven’t seen a game yet or highlights, and I didn’t even start a fantasy team…I think I like the idea of watching football to enjoy not to cheer players…

  2. Since when was it impossible to enjoy football, have a favourite team *and* cheer on a fantasy football team? This is new coming from you; frankly, I expect more. 😉

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