I almost forgot: it’s football season! My beloved Minnesota Vikings head into 2007 with untested Tarvaris Jackson as their #1 quarterback. The last time the Vikings started a season with an unproven quarterback, Daunte Culpepper lead them to an 11-5 record and a berth in the NFC Champsionship game; as a rational sports fan, I’m expecting nothing less from Jackson this year. (Alright, fine: an 8-8 season would have to be considered an achievement, especially with that receiving corps. But Jackson will surprise a lot of people–including Bill Simmons, who actually knows very little about football.) I won’t be devoting much virtual ink to the Vikings this year; this doesn’t mean I won’t be watching every second of every game, or that I won’t be obsessing over the plight of my fantasy football team, the God Squad (FWIW, Hasselbeck, Parker, Brown, Portis, Owens, Driver, L.J. Smith, Jason Hansen and the Vikings DST). No matter what happens, it’ll be nice having my Sunday afternoons back.

My early Super Bowl pick: the New England Patriots, who came within one blown route of making the big game last season. Randy Moss will own the NFL again…in another team’s uniform, obviously. And it all starts in less than an hour. Skol Vikings!!!


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