A Few Housecleaning Notices

Some quick updates for ya:

  • I’ve added a link to my “27-for-27” list on the sidebar. I’ll be updating it periodically; check it out to see how I’m doing!
  • If you have a blog, send me the URL and I’ll add it to my links list. However, if you let it lapse for more than three months, I reserve the right to delete you. Don’t think I won’t do it. (The exception to this rule, obviously, is Bri Monster, who hasn’t updated her blog since March; if you want her to start blogging again, that’s what comments are for!)
  • I’ve been reading a lot this year, hence the constant changes to the “What I’m Reading” section. If you ever need a good sports-related book to read, I’m your guy. Seriously.

As for me, I just got back from two-and-a-half hours of HR training; that should give you an indication of my mindset heading into the afternoon. Oh, and it’s Kickoff at the U of C, which means campus is positively teeming with swivel-headed new recruits. Did we look this young when we started university? The mind boggles.


2 thoughts on “A Few Housecleaning Notices

  1. you want a reality check my boy…we started the big Q 8 YEARS ago this week…8 YEARS. and in most cases the kids who start today are now 10 years younger than us!ridiculous.

  2. I know this. But I feel as though we looked a lot older when we started university; plus (and this is key) the males generally weren’t trying to dress like Eminem, which instantly made us look a, older, and b, a helluva lot more sophisticated. There is nothing funnier in the whole, wide world than a flat-brimmed cap with the hologram still stuck on.

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