One Last Jam

Tyrone and Steve–the Artists Formerly Collectively Known as Western Country–played an impromptu, farewell performance (of sorts) at the Tiger Bar last night. Having assumed the moniker “Silver Speakers” (which, I believe, is Tyrone’s new band name, even if he doesn’t have a band yet per se), the duo burned the eyebrows off the gathered masses with their usual blend of rock ‘n’ roll dynamism. Here’s what they played:

  • The Consequences
  • You’re the Only Thing
  • I Am A Chemical Reaction
  • Tag, You’re It!
  • Kensington Market–>When Doves Cry [Prince]
  • Boys and Girls
  • American Idol–>Since U Been Gone [Kelly Clarkson]
  • Den of Liars
  • Silver Screen–>Joe Louis/Judgement Day [Big Sugar]
  • Battlestar Galactica Tribute Song
  • We Will Be Alright
  • Engaged
  • The Man in Me [Bob Dylan]
  • So Wonderful–>Umbrella [Rihanna]

And that’s it! Thanks to everyone who came out–and on a personal note, thank you Tyrone for inviting me to share one last jam with you (and, indeed, for inviting me to share several jams over the last year or so). We’ll reunite as soon as geography allows.


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