In Liverpool

Greetings from Merseyside! I’m sitting in Paul Hatcher’s compound, where we’re waiting to gorge ourselves on hours (six?) of football. Today, we made our semi-annual pilgrimmage to Gresty Road in Crewe to watch the mighty Alex beat Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 on two goals by…Gary Roberts (yes, that Gary Roberts). Tomorrow, meanwhile, I’m off to Old Trafford again, this time with the old man in tow. The trip hasn’t been all football: last night was all drinking, an excuse to paint the town red and (at least in one case) an odd shade of technicolour. By the way, straight absinthe is an absolutely vile concoction.

ANYWAY: so that’s where we stand as of this evening. On Monday I’m off to London; I’m still looking for a place to say, so please, if you know of anybody who can lend me a floor for a couple nights drop me a line. Then it’s back to Salisbury for a few days of family time before flying back to Canada on Sunday. More updates to follow! Promise!


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