Lolla Day #1: I’m Not Trying To Hurt You–I’m Just Trying To Be A Robot

Alright, so it’s out of sequence: that doesn’t mean it didn’t rule. Lollapalooza 2007 featured one of the greatest festival line-ups imagineable, but things didn’t really get going til Friday evening–which helped justify mine and Sherkin’s decision to leave Pearl Jam Heather at the hotel and go to Wrigley Field. I’ve been to the three most famous baseball stadiums in America this year, but nothing compares to a sun-soaked afternoon in the bleachers at Wrigley: it was, quite simply, the single-greatest experience in my life as a baseball fan. From there it was on to Wrigleyville, then finally to Grant Park for Lollapalooza. We ended up having to bail on the Black Keys; instead, we saw Satellite Party, Perry Farrell’s latest project, and heard a bunch of old Jane’s Addiction songs (including “Been Caught Stealing”, which I still think is an awful song). Pearl Jam Heather was nowhere to be found, so we staked out a comfortable vantage point for LCD Soundsystem, who were really good; once their set was finished we moved on to the AT&T Stage and waited for Daft Punk.

I’m still annoyed about missing Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, especially since it also meant missing an Eddie Vedder cameo (he and Harper sang “Masters of War”, which would’ve been sublime). But Daft Punk were staggeringly awesome. I’m not a techno fan by any means, but their show was so good it didn’t matter. Plus, it also provided the backdrop to the undisputed Quote of the Weekend. Sherkin and I were standing in front of two tall shirtless guys (think James Byrne shirtless and you’ll get the idea) who were in advanced stage of ecstasy overload. They were both dancing wildly, and at one point one of them collided with a girl as she was passing through the audience. Which lead to this:

Him: “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m just trying to be…a robot! I. Am. In. Control! Daft Punk!

Like I said: Quote of the Weekend…and yes, he was doing the robot at the time. His antics, combined with Daft Punk’s performance, put an exclamation point on one helluva good day at Lollapalooza. We found Pearl Jam Heather back at the main entrance, chugged bottles of Gatorade and rode back to O’Hare. And we’d be doing it all again two more times.

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