Updates from the Road

This internet connection sucks, so I’ll keep this short for the time being. It has been, to say the least, a surreal couple days:

  • Pearl Jam at the Vic…well, where to start? I’ll write more once I get a better connection, but here’s the least you need to know for the time being: Eddie Vedder opening for his own band with a five-song solo set, which included a brand-new, never-performed song about the Chicago Cubs called “Someday We’ll Go All the Way”; hearing fourteen songs I’d never heard live before (think about that…I’ve seen Pearl Jam twenty-two times now); “Hard to Imagine” in a club; witnessing Matt Cameron singing a cover of “Black Diamond” by KISS (and yes, this really happened); Ben Harper and Eddie Vedder closing the show with “Indifference”. All of these things, and so much more, happened at the Vic. What a night.
  • Sherkin and I bailed on most of Lolla yesterday to go to Wrigley Field. We got gouged on a pair of tickets in the bleachers–the Cubs are probably the only team in professional sport which actually encourages licensed brokers to open shops across the street from the stadium–but the experience was worth every penny we paid. Cubs lost 6-2 when Ryan Dempster gave up four runs in the ninth; in unrelated news, Dempster was also seen stumbling around downtown Chicago drunk after being one of Eddie Vedder’s guests at the Vic.
  • We got to Lolla late, and ended up missing the Black Keys…but we did see Satellie Party, LCD Soundsystem (awesome) and Daft Punk (supremely awesome). This is gonna be a festival for the ages, methinks. The organization is meticulous, and the line-up gets better as the weekend progresses. On the agenda today: Tokyo Police Club, Silverchair, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Patti Smith (!!!!!) and Muse.
  • Chicago has the worst public transit system in the entire world. I will never, ever complain about the TTC again.

And we’re off! More updates as they become available.


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