Will Trade Anal for Pearl Jam Tickets

That it should come to this: literally whoring yourself for Pearl Jam tickets.

2 hours of me, as many times as you can handle it, any and all of my three holes. (If you’re really good and take care of me a little, I’ll throw in a freebie after the concert).

Any race, any age, please be D&D free…other than that, get me to this concert!

About me: 28 yrs old, 5’9, slender brunette. Great body, average face, single by choice–career driven city woman.

Best email wins-not looking for any other type of hookup. I honestly cannot believe I’m doing this, but I’ve exhausted every other way to find tickets within my budget—so my vagina now goes on sale to the highest bidder!

I just hope she’s serious…and if she is, you’ve gotta figure she’s one classy babe. (By the way, I’d be willing to wager that Brizzad is now desperately trying to get Vic Theater tickets, and that it’s in no way, shape or form related to this Craigslist posting. Brad, I’ll see you in hell.) Again, who knows if she’s serious. But a big part of me thinks she is.

Awesome weekend, btw–will be back tomorrow with a full summary!


3 thoughts on “Will Trade Anal for Pearl Jam Tickets

  1. Oh Mr. Johns. Where did I go so wrong as to allow for such outlandish assumptions. Well, not so much outlandish, but rather… accurate. 😛 Where do I get these tickets!!!!lol

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