It’s Like Ray-ee-aaaiiiiin on Your Wedding Day

Alright, fine: so she didn’t understand the proper meaning of “irony”. That doesn’t change the fact that “Ironic” is one helluva great song (or that Jagged Little Pill is one helluva great album, for that matter, although that’s a whole entry in and of itself), nor the fact that most people, given their druthers, would choose for it not to rain on their wedding day. Or would they? In either case, the Darren and the Kari are about to be wed (in one hour!) with a gentle rainfall leading them into the church. The reception, which was supposed to be held outdoors at the National Arts Centre, will now be held under a tent (which looks great, by the way). But back to Alanis: The Globe and Mail once published a lengthy treatise entitled “Alas, Alanis, it isn’t,” in which the author (whose name I never knew) pointed out the obvious fact that Alanis wasn’t singing about irony, but about a series of bummers. The author was clearly too smart by half…and that said, when the people getting married are as perfect for each other as the Darren and the Kari, I don’t think a hurricane would put a damper on things.

Also, in keeping with pre-wedding tradition, the Browns and the Whites renewed acquaintances at Confederation Park in downtown Ottawa. Last year, the Whites embarassed the Browns in Youngstown, OH; this year, unfortunately, the Browns got their starting pivot (Paul “Git” Hatcher) and all-world wide receiver (Rahul “Noodles” Mehta) back, and despite a valiant effort from the Whites’ strapping young quarterback (Stephen “Me” Johns) won by a final score of 6-5. The unanimous MVP was Noodles, who caught three touchdown passes and also ran an interception back for a score. But fear not, Whites fans: next time, the secret weapon is being unveiled. Tesla, you’ve been officially called out!


2 thoughts on “It’s Like Ray-ee-aaaiiiiin on Your Wedding Day

  1. You were clearly missing Tim “the Belfast Bull” Jebb…..member of the Irish Northern Division Champions…..PS I miss you at QB….did you try any passes under 10 yards?

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