Send Me Positive Energy!

Today, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Pearl Jam announced a “private”, fan-club-members-only, pre-Lollapalooza gig at the Vic Theatre in Chicago (capacity approx. 1,400). Equally unsurprisingly, every single Ten Club member who’s heading to Lollapalooza is now clamouring for tickets–not to mention the fact that people who, up until this afternoon, were calling Lollapalooza “overhyped” are scrambling to find a way to the Windy City. It’ll be a tough score, but I’m confident we’ll succeed–but please, send positive energy my way on Thursday at 2pm!

(A sidenote here: I’m obviously thrilled by the prospect of attending this show…but I also know I’ve already had my ultimate Pearl Jam experience, and not even a private gig in Eddie Vedder’s hometown could eclipse the Thunder Bay show from 2005. Yes, I realize this is probably a form of rationalization in the event I don’t get tickets; it could very well be that, but I think it’s a lot closer to the truth than most people realize.)


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