IT’S HERE!!!!!

Eat your hearts out.


5 thoughts on “IT’S HERE!!!!!

  1. Nice work Steve-o.You know, I really did give it a try. I tried so hard to get into soccer when you had the package at 5 Birch. I hope you didn’t have me in mind when writing that article.Good work regardless. See you in a week.

  2. Not too shabby my good man, not too shabby…ALthough as much as the media and Canadians despise soccer (well some of them, at least) be glad we’re a multicultural land, so people who actually like soccer are here as well…I think its going to be much harder to get the Americans on board, but then again if the soccer players in MLS can start getting indicted on Dogfighting charges, or be at nightclub shootings, or have way more guns than a human needs, or drive ridiculously drunk and ask for more money…then they should fit fine into the fabric of American sport…ps nice equating of radio to popularity at the expense of non-radio songs.

  3. Let’s deal with these one by one:1. Sarah: if I ever become an actual writer, I’ll dedicate my first book to you. Promise.2. Paul: piss off. 😉3. Gulley: I know you did–I was there, and I was sober until March. 😉 The people who annoy me are the ones who *don’t* give soccer a chance, then lash out at people who like it. That’s just dumb. And very, very typical of a lot of people, unfortunately.4. Gavin: Michael Vick should join MLS…y’know, once he’s forced out of the NFL for a couple seasons. 😉 (What a joke, btw…I’m sure I’ll get to him at some point.)

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