I liked that first article so much I wrote a second. Who’d a thunk that Canada would be Public Enemy #1 in Chile this morning? Thank you everybody for your comments re: the Beckham entry. I’ll get to them as soon as I get home from tonight’s baseball game; with luck, it’ll end without an international incident occuring.

UPDATE: it did…while this Chile debacle is taking on a life of its own. This is all so very stupid. Does the Chilean government honestly think the Toronto police launched a totally unprovoked attack on a group of teenagers who were, like, just trying to say hi to some of their fans? I’m sure a language barrier of sorts came into effect, but the accusations being levied against the Toronto Police Department (and, by extension, the entire country of Canada) are laughable, stupid and baseless. The Sun, of all papers, ran an excellent article this morning condemning the Chilean team for its actions. By my estimation, that makes them the very first people who’ve done that–which says as much about the times we live in as it does about the whole stupid mess.


6 thoughts on “IT’S HERE, AGAIN!

  1. Outstanding Beckham article mate, I liked it so much that I am not going to take any shots at you in this comment. Do tell your loyal blog readers whom are currently the victims of Canadian Immigration Policies what exactly the Torontoist is? Are you getting widely read now? Your articles deserve it. Finally on a btw, Community Shield isn’t far away now, can we expect a Premier League Preview entry soon?

  2. Thank you, good sir!I’ll explain it all to you…well, hopefully next month, and hopefully in a pub somewhere in Belfast. I’m aiming to book flights over on Monday; right now I’ve got three/four days/nights penciled in for Eire. Fancy a day at OT? 😉

  3. Right, well for your info, I will be on holidays between August 23rd until September 6th…..i held off on those dates as long as i could but I had to go for it and take my chances that it wouldn’t conflict.

  4. And for those of us who just aren’t in touch with the centre of the universe? What is it? Or will you explain it to me when you move out here in the fall? 🙂

  5. I am disappointed that I have not received an appropriate level of props re: your involvement with the Torontoist.For shame. You’ve already forgotten the little people who got you to the top.

  6. Peirce, what is what? Torontoist? You’re being vague…dumbass.Tim, those dates are right in my wheelhouse. I’ll keep you posted.Peirce, you’re still a dumbass, fourteen seconds later.Jon, you’ll get your due.Peirce, you’re still a dumbass.

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