This is One of Those "Good News, Bad News" Scenarios You’ve Been Hearing About!

Alright, so I lied: that big secret couldn’t be divulged yesterday, after all, for reasons that I wasn’t fully able to control. But the good news is that, with luck, I’ll be able to divulge it later this afternoon/evening…and then tell you exactly where it’s going down. It’s worth the wait…promise!

In the meantime, Bri Monster and I scored a pair of comps for tonight’s Argentina/Chile Under-20 World Cup semi-final! I was pleasantly surprised by last week’s game: the quality of football was much higher than I expected and we’re both looking forward to seeing the pretournament favourites (that would be Argentina) squaring off against their next door neighbours. It’s been a surprisingly busy week for me: besides this latest project of mine I’ve worked a few shifts, run a lot of errands and hung out with air-traffic-controller-in-training Brizzad. This weekend, meanwhile, it’s the Hwatele bachelor party, coming to you live from the great city of…Hamilton. Alright, fine: it’s not a great city at all. But this Saturday, we’re gonna make it great…and the photo update that follows will be nothing short of legendary.

Until then, keep watching for a new update. It’ll come soon. Promise!


3 thoughts on “This is One of Those "Good News, Bad News" Scenarios You’ve Been Hearing About!

  1. Steve-o, you’ve got all the promise, but none of the delivery…in the clinical world, they call that premature ejaculation.Well, I’ll wait another day then, I suppose.In the meantime, one of my students’/friends’ boyfriend is on the Czech under 20 team, who are going to the finals by the way, and will be facing the winner of Argentina/Chile.

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