My mom just found a $58 cheque, in my name, under the living room couch. I already love today. Now I’m off to BMO Field for the first time to see, live and in the flesh, the great (?) Freddy Adu lead the United States’ Under-20s against Austria. Adu was integral to my Southampton teams’ Champions League wins in Football Manager 2006, so the least I can do is root for him in reall life. Also, I’ve never actually been to BMO Field. How will it compare to Gresty Road? I’ll soon find out!

UPDATE: Adu set up the opening goal, but after that the States were oddly ineffectual despite being the vastly superior team. Austria, meanwhile, stuck ten men behind the ball and kept hoofing it forward to Rubin Okotie, who was genuinely the worst soccer player I’ve ever seen in my entire life; naturally he scored the equalizer, and was also in the vicinity when Erwin Hoffer bundled a late winner into the U.S. goal. BMO Field, meanwhile, could best be described as “functional”. Most of the spectators were embarassingly juvenile; call me crazy, but I see something fundamentally wrong about going to a soccer game and then heckling a bunch of teenagers simply because you don’t like their country’s government.


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