Calling All Calgarians!

I like Calgary. I enjoyed my visit in February, and I’ve grown increasingly comfortable with the fact that I’ll likely end up living there this fall. But…I mean, would it kill a Calgarian to say something negative about their city? Seriously: it doesn’t happen, ever. Next time you’re with a Calgarian, try and suggest that there’s something about their hometown that isn’t absolutely 100% perfect. They’ll rip you to shreds; I’m convinced there isn’t a more humourless place in the entire world based purely on their utter inability to take criticism. Bri Monster (a proud Calgarian) claims it’s a simple defense mechanism. Which is fair, I suppose; on the other hand, I defy you to find a Torontonian who wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to say many, many negative things about Toronto. We criticize our city because we love it; I’m assuming Calgarians don’t because they’re insecure, or just desperate to set themselves apart from Eastern Canada. I guess I’ll find out sooner or later. In the meantime, Calgarians, consider this your call-to-arms: in the comment section, say something bad about your hometown. For every negative thing you say, I’ll offer something positive in return–and no, it won’t be a cop-out answer like, “I like cows”.

By the way, did anyone catch the Home Run Derby tonight? I’m not positive about this, but I think Joe Morgan had a tiny stroke every time he said the name “Vladimir Guerrero”. Sports broadcasting don’t get much more biased than this, folks; then again, if someone set up a blog designed specifically to criticize every single word that came out of my mouth, I’d probably be bitter as well.


6 thoughts on “Calling All Calgarians!

  1. Just be sure not to say you’re from Toronto when you’re out there…they do hate Onterrible…my friend Bryan (who I think you met a couple times) moved there and he said its the quickest way to have someone against u is to say i’m from Ontario…shame.

  2. In their defence, most calgarians are a nice lot of people who don’t really care about Toronto. It’s not as though there is western hate going on – just western apathy. In fact, it’s almost pity. Not that it’s nice to pity Torontonians, but that’s what you see a lot of. Okay, here is the first ‘negative’ point: Calgary is not beautiful.B

  3. Politics in Alberta, and even more so in Calgary, are terrible. Right-wing dynasties, one after another.Calgary is almost entirely one big suburb. Too spread out, not enough stuff outside the core.Calgary recycling programs suck. When you can’t even recycle a yoghurt container or a bottle of salad dressing, it’s bad. When you have to drive your recycling to the depot, or else pay for an independent company to pick it up for you, it’s worse.Though it is fun for a couple of days, everyone pretending to be a cowboy for 10 days starts to be a bit much.No diversity. Then again, that means not much change coming from Queen’s…Lack of arts and culture. It’s starting to change, now that there’s money flowing, but when the oil boom busts, it’ll be the first thing to go.On the political note again, Calgary is responsible for developing alcoholic politicians with a penchant for bribing the populace.If you want, Steve, one of your “good things about Calgary” can be “It’s good enough for me to move out there next year”. And if you mean it, you don’t have to come up with 6 more… šŸ™‚

  4. toronto is expensive. so is calgary. but keep in mind, you can do lots of cool things in toronto. in calgary, you are in calgary.

  5. …and, I’ve been pwn3d by Alex Peirce.So fine: “It’s good enough for me to move out there next year.” And I mean it. Here’s another one: “Beth Lanigan lives there.” Want one more? Reluctantly: “Peirce lives there, too.” There’s three. šŸ˜‰

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