Stuff and Nonsense Presents “Plan Steve and Bri’s Weekend!”

Le Bri and I are leaving for New York on Thursday, and we’ve got at least one gaping hole in our itinerary: what to do with our Saturday afternoon? We know we want to see a show–but which one? Now you get to help us decide!

The following is a list of the contenders. Please, take a few minutes out of your busy schedules (or, if you’re Saj, out of a day in which you’ll do absolutely nothing else) and tell us which one we should see. There are no right or wrong answers, as long as you justify your selection; if you think we should see show “x” because “it’ll emasculate Steve” then that’s perfectly fine. Submissions must be received no later than Thursday evening.

With that…

  • LES MISERABLES. PROS: it’s an incredible show, Lea Salonga is playing Fantine, the touring production’s demise will make it more difficult to see Les Mis in coming years; CONS: we saw it relatively recently (September 2005), I’ve already seen it twice on Broadway (albeit during its original, 6,680-performance run at the Imperial Theater), a casting overhaul (Cameron Mackintosh came in and fired three of the show’s leads) could affect the performers’ chemistry.
  • HAIRSPRAY. PROS: it’s a great show, it was what we saw on our first-ever date (which would make it extra meaningful), the movie (due out next month) will likely destroy any lingering memories of the stage production and so we should see it while we can; CONS: we’th both seen it multiple times, I’ve heard mixed things about the current cast, the movie might be really good (and I’m not suggesting it’ll be as good as the show itself but…well, you know).
  • JERSEY BOYS. PROS: it’s supposed to be the greatest musical in history; CONS: it’s brutally hard to get tickets, it’s unaffordable (they range from $96.50 to $121.50 for regular, non-standing-room tickets), we don’t want to wait in line for standing room/cancellations, it’s coming to Toronto next year (albeit with a different cast).
  • THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE. PROS: it’s got good reviews; CONS: we don’t like what we’ve heard of William Finn’s score, it’s coming to Toronto next year.
  • MAMMA MIA!. PROS: it’s perversely entertaining; CONS: it’s a musical based on the songs of ABBA, I’ve seen it three (!) times, it’s rumoured to be heading back to Toronto.

It’s all up to you now. Be nice!


12 thoughts on “Stuff and Nonsense Presents “Plan Steve and Bri’s Weekend!”

  1. Why is Frost Nixon not on your list of Broadway-type stuff to see? Must it always be musical theatre? If the answer is no, then my vote is for Frost Nixon, because it has Skeletor in it, and Frank Langella is the man. Rent is not on this list either. Does Bri not want to hear about the goddamn candle ad nauseum? 🙂 Tim Howar is a reason to see Rent again all by himself, the dude has quite the voice. As for the choices that are actually on the list, it would seem that you’ve actually talked yourselves out of going to any of them, since the ‘cons’ appear to have the stronger argument in every case. That being said, my vote would be for Les Miserables, since it’s the darkest one (pun intended) on the list. Something tells me it has the strongest story, too. 🙂

  2. This time ’round, it must be musical theatre. Also, Bri *has* seen Rent, and like everybody else who’s seen it minus you and Jamie thought “Light My Candle” was a great moment. (Seriously, how the fuck did the two of you see that show and leave complaining about that song? You should just be done with it and wed the man. ;)) ANYWAY, the vote is Les Mis – 1, the rest – 0. If no one else votes, we’ll have ourselves a winner by acclimation.

  3. my vote is for spelling bee. adults playing kids? you gotta do it. you have seen ALL the other ones, i think. except maybe jersey boys? i think you should expand the repertoire and choose something you have NOT viewed. also, my vote would be for inherit the wind. i sat on the stage and LOVED it. christopher plummer was divine.

  4. Les Mis = 1, Spelling Bee = 1, the rest = 0. Flemo, no, I haven’t seen Jersey Boys either, but unless a miracle happens that’s not about to change. However, we’re also seeing Avenue Q and Spring Awakening, neither of which we’ve seen, so I was leaning towards something tried and true so we have one show where we can just relax and enjoy. Not that we won’t enjoy it if we haven’t seen it before but…well, you get what I mean.

  5. I don’t agree that just because we’re seeing two new shows, that the third should be tried and true. Why not take advantage of New York while we are IN New York?With that, my choices are:1. Mary Poppins: it actually looks really, really good. 2. Company. Can’t go wrong with sondheim. It’s closing July 01 though, so it might be hard to get seats3. Jersey Boys. God help me if I’m going to stand in line for 5 hours though.4. Les Mis. Just ’cause I loved itBri

  6. yah. i’m with bri. take advantage of new york while you’re there and see something neW! but definitely don’t waste your new york hours waiting in line. haven’t heard much about mary poppins but a woman who can fit a lamp in her purse is my kind of gal. and i’m envious — heard great things about spring awakening but my mom wasn’t interested…

  7. SUPPOSEDLY, two hours normally does the trick w/Jersey Boys–but there are only ten SRO tickets available, and on a Saturday afternoon in late June…well, who knows? We could always see Phantom… 😉 😀btw, I think Christie should get three votes.

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