Almost, Almost, Almost…

It was almost a historic day at the Rogers Centre, on not one but two counts:

  1. Frank Thomas, who’s showing signs of life after a disasterous first two-and-a-half months as a Blue Jay, hit career home run #499. In the eighth inning, and with the crowd on its feet, Thomas hit a wicked line drive that went foul down the third base line before striking out swinging. Close, but no cigar…yet.
  2. Dustin McGowanDustin McGowan!–came within three outs of pitching a no-hitter. McGowan (whose intro music is, appropriately, “Strange Animal”) has been teasing us for three seasons now. His previous start, against the Los Angeles Dodgers, ended after two innings; today, he threw eight innings of no-hit ball against one of the best hitting line-ups in the National League. It was fun being there; when McGowan came out for the ninth inning the tension inside the Rogers Centre was palpable. And while he lost his no-hitter to Jeff Baker with none out in the ninth, McGowan’s performance was arguably the best start by a Blue Jay pitcher since Roy Halladay’s masterpiece against the Minnesota Twins in May 2005. Congratulations, Dustin! (Two related notes. One, by the ninth inning even Neil Scilley was pulling for McGowan. Two, I don’t believe in jinxes…but can it be mere coincidence that McGowan lost his no-no right after Naveed and Jamie showed up? I think Naveed has a man crush on McGowan’s mutton chops–which are spectacular, by the way. Go on, have a look.)

As for me, I’m losing the sunburn and looking more and more dude-like. But I’m still angsty–scroll down if you wanna see what I’m talking about.


3 thoughts on “Almost, Almost, Almost…

  1. You know what would have ruled? If he’d thrown the no-no, Thomas had hit #500 and Adam had missed the game. I sooooo wish that coulda happened. 😦

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