New York City is for Lovers

It’s hard to believe, but in eight days I’m done at the MS Society of Canada. In nine days, meanwhile, I’m bundling my swivel-headed girlfriend Brianna into the front seat of the car and driving her to Buffalo. The next morning, we’re flying to New York City.

For me, visiting New York is nothing new: I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been there, and when we lived in New Jersey…well, let’s just say I was in the city a lot. But for Bri, who was born and raised in Calgary, it’s her first-ever visit to New York, and she’s about as excited as a minister’s daughter on her wedding night. Bri’s planning would make von Schlieffen proud: never in world history has a three-hour shopping spree been so meticulously plotted. I don’t actually know what sites Bri wants to see; however, I do know that she wants to be Rebecca Bloomwood by Monday afternoon. We’ve also got tickets to Avenue Q and Spring Awakening, although we plan on seeing at least one other show. On Sunday, meanwhile, we’re going to Yankee Stadium; I gladly gave in to Bri’s shopping demands in exchange for the chance to take her to a “real” ballpark (it’s called “compromise”, kids). But most of all, we’re just excited about getting to spend the weekend together. This is the first “alone” time we’ve had in months, and what better place to be than New York? Full report to follow, of course.


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