A Phond Pharewell v2.2

In the name of full disclosure, I should admit that I just got back from seeing the final performance of The Phantom of the Opera (#23) at the Princess of Wales Theatre. The show went out on a high, in spite of a rash of understudies (Raoul, Piangi) and alternates (Sarah Lawrence, who was on for Marni Raab and who more-or-less upstaged the regular Christine). And, once again, John Cudia added a little more to his legend: the man is simply phenomenal. The theatre was packed with “Phans,” including a blind woman who came dressed as the Phantom (no, really), and the applause at the final curtain was deafening. Prior to today’s performance I’d entertained notions of “retiring” from Phantom after today’s show; I’ve now decided that that won’t happen, but I’m glad the show is moving on so I can take a bit of a break. (Not that I couldn’t take a break if it were still here but…well, you know).


8 thoughts on “A Phond Pharewell v2.2

  1. wow u must like that just a bit.I saw it in grade 6 and I’ve managed to make due.on a completely separate note, who do we collectively know who lives in Ottawa?I’m realizing as of now I know about 3-4 people in Ottawa.

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