Come On, If You Rollin’ Wit Me

It’s official: I’m going to Lollapalooza! The tickets are on their way, and this morning the schedule was announced. Day 3 couldn’t be much worse from my perspective, and I’ll almost certainly have to miss Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse and Café Tacuba (three of the bands I was most excited about seeing)…but whatever: ultimately, there’s only one band I really care about. That’s the beauty about this year’s Lolla line-up: it’s full of people I’d like to see, but very few I’d be broken up over missing. Apart from Patti Smith and Pearl Jam, I could take or leave most of the acts on the bill.

So far, a crew of the usual suspects (i.e., myself, Eric Sherkin and Heather Jewell) is slowly shifting into gear and going through the pre-concert rituals. It’s been four years since the three of us saw Pearl Jam together (the infamous Hersheypark Stadium show of July 2003, at which Eddie Vedder declared his proclivity for “shitting on little girls’ heads”), so road tripping to Chicago for a weekend-long festival seems like a great way of making up for lost time. (Plus, the Cubbies are playing at Wrigley that weekend, and all signs are pointing to Sherkin and I ducking out of Friday’s proceedings to catch a ballgame.) I’ve never actually attended a “real” music festival. Summersault was close, but it was essentially a glorified Smashing Pumpkins concert; ditto Across the Causeway, ostensibly a day-long music festival but really just a Tragically Hip concert with more opening bands. If for no other reason, that’s justification enough for going to Lolla.

Plus, y’know…Pearl Jam.


4 thoughts on “Come On, If You Rollin’ Wit Me

  1. never a prob seeing the PJ.But I wish you’d make the effort for Kings of Leon AGAIN 😉 I know you weren’t into it last time, but be more awake this time and realise they kick it for me boss.

  2. It’s a tough one, that’s for sure. And it’s not as cut-and-dry as I made it out to be, since a, I want to be well-positioned for Pearl Jam, and b, the chances of Eddie Vedder making a guest appearance with KOL (as he’s done several times before) >>> the chances of Eddie Vedder making a guest appearance with Iggy. Plus, I really do kinda wanna give KOL another shot–it’s not that I didn’t like them the first time ’round, it’s that I was too tired from thesis-writing to really care. On the other hand, the chances of me enjoying *anybody* mere hours before my first Pearl Jam concert in over a year are slim-to-none anyway…argh, I’m screwed.

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