KKAC is Dead! Long Live KKAC!

The Keep Kevin Alive Committee, or KKAC, is dead–and with it the Ottawa Senators, who rolled over and died as the Anaheim Ducks (the Anaheim Ducks!) won 6-2 to claim the team’s first-ever Stanley Cup. The winning goal was scored by none other than…Ottawa defenceman Chris Phillips, whose comical own goal (which was awarded to Travis Moen, who surely won’t ever score an easier championship-clinching goal in his life) thwarted any momentum the Senators were carrying and swung the game decisively in Anaheim’s favour.

Afterwards, Kevin was philosophical. Despite a pregame prediction of 7-1 for Ottawa I think he knew the series was ending last night: his Senators, who were undeniably impressive in Rounds 1-3, were simply playing a much better team. Moreover, his heart is still beating–which means KKAC, for all its inherent flaws, was a success. Thanks to all those who chipped in during the course of the three-week campaign; without your tireless efforts Kevin Du Manoir might not be here today. Which, given what happened last night, might’ve been just fine with him.


7 thoughts on “KKAC is Dead! Long Live KKAC!

  1. I would like to retroactively rename the KKAC. It shall be called KKAC ’07.There will be an ’08 version, should KKAC-Offseason be successful.

  2. funny how the Ducks win after they dispense with the “Mighty” part of their name…I think they’re ‘mighty’ good.har har, and did anyone else have decidedly less interest than the last 2 cup finals? or was it just me?

  3. I think I cared a bit more than I let on…although clearly, by “cared” I mean, “I really, really, really wanted Ottawa to lose.” Like my buddy Matt said last night, he’s never been happier for a team he doesn’t care about than he was yesterday. Anyway, I’m becoming less and less convinced that I’m an actual hockey fan: I think I’m a Leaf fan who occasionally watches hockey. Either that, or the Count really *has* destroyed the NHL.

  4. Not for all of us–but for me, especially in the post-lockout era, it’s much easier to be one than the other. For instance: last season, I *might* have missed five Leaf games. But then, as soon as the team was eliminated, I stopped watching hockey; I literally did not care about this year’s playoffs, except when it involved keeping the Stanley Cup the hell out of Ottawa. I think I watched two games in their entirety (both Ottawa games, btw), but beyond that I couldn’t be bothered. The fact that I’d happily watch reruns of The O.C. instead of playoff hockey was, in my mind, quite telling.But can you blame me? Last night’s game was over inside of five minutes thanks to awful officiating, but it was hardly the only game in the playoffs to suffer such a fate. Why should I care about a league in which the officials are more important than the team superstars? I’m not being pessimistic: I’m being realistic. The NHL is turning into a joke, and as long as the Count is in charge it’ll stay on that course until it’s completely irrelevant outside seven or eight cities. We may already be there. And I can’t say I blame anyone for turning the other way.

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