Congratulations All Around!

Congratulations are in order for the following people:

  • Congratulations to my former housemate, Angela St. Jules (a.k.a. St-Fucking-Jules), for getting engaged to her strapping Teutonic boyfriend/fiance, Mikael (which may or may not be spelled correctly…help, please?). They’re being married in secret in Sweden at the end of the month; one assumes they’ll consummate their nuptials in the traditional Swedish manner (i.e., by sailing across the Atlantic and then raping and pillaging a village of Newfoundlanders), but we’re still waiting for confirmation.
  • Congratulations to Gavin Shwier for scoring a sweet-sounding new job. If you want to read more, you’ll have to visit his blog for the 411.
  • Congratulations to James Byrne for waking up this morning and saying to himself, “Y’know what? I’m not gonna be a slut today!” That took guts, Byrne; I’m proud of you!
  • Congratulations to Kevin Du Manoir for the simple fact that he’s still alive…although a 3-1 win by a Pronger-less Anaheim Ducks team tonight could change that. (That’s my prediction, by the way; KKAC update later tonight!)
  • Finally, congratulations to my gorgeous, big-hearted girlfriend Brianna for finishing teacher’s college with honours last week, as well as for having her first interview. Bri has a week’s worth of (paid) interning left to do, and then she’ll be officially finished with the University of Toronto–hopefully forever! If she’d ever update her blog, she’d be able to tell you more about it.

As for me, I’ve got three-and-a-half weeks of work left to go. I’ll miss this place…but that said, I can’t wait for June 27. Ole!


7 thoughts on “Congratulations All Around!

  1. what? congrats to Gulley for staying up. No way. Anyone would stay up…that is if the game was actually broadcast in the part of the world in which they live! (as you can see – I’m upset that it is not broadcast here).Steve – thanks for the congrats. Nice. Hardly secret though now that it’s posted on the internet for all to see 😉Ange

  2. Sweet!btw, Ange, is your block done and dusted? I didn’t post the link here b/c of the “incident” last time ’round, but when I clicked on my own link at home it said there wasn’t anything there. Thoughts?btw, Gulley, you can refer to #3 and substitute your own name if you’d like.

  3. I just googled “Angela St. Jules” and found…nothing.So yes, an E-mail is in order; I’m guessing the URL on Gulley’s blog (the one with the Kim Mitchell song title) is the old one?

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