KKAC Update

I was walking the streets of Boston University when I got The Call.

Kevin Du Manoir, dead of a massive myocardial infarction? Nope. It was Kevin Du Manoir in tears after Daniel Alfredsson‘s overtime goal in Game 5 against the Buffalo Sabres put the Ottawa Senators into the Stanley Cup Final. His excitement was so infectious it (almost) made me feel bad for having to root against his team. Unfortunately for Kevin (not to mention all those loathsome Senator fans who blocked off Elgin Street on Saturday afternoon), their team is doomed, because Alfredsson–in a moment of mind-numbing stupidity–deigned to touch the Prince of Wales Trophy. Doesn’t he know that the number one cardinal sin of being an NHL captain is touching one of the conference final trophies? I guess all those years of soul-sucking playoff collapses have taken their toll.

Anyway: I stand by my prediction that this is Ottawa’s year. But if Alfredsson screws me on it…well, it’ll give me at least one more reason to boo him at Scotiabank Place next season.

(On a related note…hey, did you know that NBC cut away from the overtime between Ottawa and Buffalo to show an hour-long Preakness preview? If you don’t think the conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this one, our man Neate Sager will quickly change your mind. And for the record, I agree 110%. And so does Kevin.)


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