That Night in Toronto

What a ridiculous night.

Firstly, Jesse Litch, a twenty-two year-old Blue Jay farmhand, threw 8 2/3 innings of one-run ball–in his big league debut, no less–to lead Toronto to a 2-1 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.

Secondly, Adam caught a foul ball. And since the Baltimore Orioles were involved, it just wouldn’t have been right if anyone other than Melvin Mora had hit it back into the stands. Remember Melvin Mora? We sure do!

Finally, what with yesterday being a Twonie Tuesday game, the Rogers Centre was filled with the sort of fans who put a stain on our city’s good name. (At a previous Twonie Tuesday game, for instance, someone threw a full-sized pizza box from the upper deck into the lower level.) Last night–inevitably, pathetically–a “Go Leafs Go!” cheer erupted on the walk back to Union Station; equally predictably, it eventually culminated in a near-brawl, and when one of the would-be combatants decided to take the high road and walk away, the other guy started following him and bellowing, “Fuck the blue shirt!” (his nemesis was wearing a blue shirt…obviously). If I needed another reason to hate this city, I’ve got one.

Still have plenty of reasons to love it, mind.


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