5 thoughts on “CHAMPIONS

  1. Listen effer…quit calling it your trophy…..once you have won it more than 18 times (which I admit may happen soon)…then you can call it your trophy

  2. Your team hasn’t ever won the Premiership trophy.9-0, anyone? 😉(And even if I’m splitting heirs, until Rafa figures out how to play in England/keep Liverpool in the title race beyond January, you should probably focus on other, less meaningful trophies you’ve at least got a mug’s chance of winning. :D)

  3. I love the fact that Gary Neville is in his full kit, eventhough he hasn’t played for like 4 months….leads me to believe the rumours about him sleeping with a Man United bedspread aren’t entirely unfounded….

  4. Also, Kieran Richardson is doing a capable impersonation of David May–although, in his defence, he did make more than one appearance for the team this year, no matter how shite he usually was/is.

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