A Good Old-Fashioned Tonking

Manchester United’s treble dream went up in smoke on the rain-soaked San Siro pitch today as they lost 3-0 to a rampant A.C. Milan and dashed hopes of an all-England Champions League Final. I didn’t actually see the game–I learned the score in the 82nd minute and decided that was more than enough–but from what I can gather it was boys against men out there today; at least I can take solace in the fact that United were beaten by a better team.

Still, as Bob Paisley once said, Europe is a lottery; the league is the real bread-and-butter. Four more points secures the championship for United; they can actually clinch this weekend if they beat Manchester City and Chelsea drop points to Arsenal. Plus, there’s still the F.A. Cup to play. The treble may be dead, but the double is still very much on. Also, using a Bob Paisley quote as a means of subtly diminishing Liverpool’s own achievements this year is incredibly satisfying, and should refute any evidence that I am, in any sense of the word, bitter.


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