Hand on the Trophy

I’m still alive–barely–after a morning of high drama in the English Premiership. When Everton (“a small club”) took a 2-0 lead against Manchester United I uttered the phrase, “That’s the season.” Chelsea, meanwhile, were up 2-1 at home against Bolton Wanderers; Chelsea haven’t lost a home fixture in the league in almost three full seasons, so the result looked safe. Half-an-hour and four Manchester United goals later, Everton were dead and buried; meanwhile, in London, a Kevin Davies goal drew Bolton level, and Chelsea couldn’t find a winner, not even after bringing Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard onto the pitch. Which lead to the following classic photograph from the Beeb:

On the left, the indefatiguable Sir Alex Ferguson embraces Michael Carrick and Cristiano Ronaldo. And on the left, a fan of Chelscum sits with her mouth agape as she ponders whether jumping aboard the bandwagon was a good idea or not. As Paul would say, it serves her right. Four more points clinches the Premiership for United.


4 thoughts on “Hand on the Trophy

  1. I heard “Kevin” and just assumed, so point taken. 😉 As for the second claim…are you SURE? I’ve looked, and I’ve seen where you’re coming from but…but…REALLY??

  2. I still don’t see it…although, upon further inspection, is that a heart-shaped bracelet s/he’s wearing? If so, could be a clue. That’s one of the most androgynous people I’ve ever seen.

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