Quarterly Report

It’s hard to believe, but in three-and-a-half months I’ll be turning twenty-seven…which means I’m running out of time to finish off my “twenty-six goals for my twenty-sixth year” list. And so, once again, I’m posting themst, along with a status report for each one of the twenty-six goals; for the ones that aren’t finished yet, I’m also including a plan of action for getting them done by August 16.

With that…

  1. Get in shape. In progress: I joined a gym, I did a fitness assessment (which I bombed, but that’s another story) and I’ve started working out three times a week. So I’m not there yet–but eventually, I will be.
  2. Join a band. Done. And keep watching this space for news of a name change!
  3. Rewrite the LSATs–and this time, break 160. Still only half-done, but I’m hoping (knock on wood) that that’ll be enough. Of course, if I don’t get into law school (still no news, by the way) I’ll rewrite the LSATs again–and this time, I will break 160. No one puts Baby in the corner.
  4. Go to Europe. I’m still planning on going in August.
  5. Volunteer. If I step up my monthly contribution, will it make up for the fact that I missed the application deadline again?
  6. Totally excel at my job, then blow my $1,000 end-of-year bonus. In retrospect, this was a vague ambition; I’d like to think I’ve totally excelled at my job, but there’s really no way of measuring whether I actually have or not. On the other hand, blowing a grand can be effectively measured; a romantic weekend in New York is likely a good place to start
  7. Make my own coffee in the morning. It’s still only April, right?
  8. Cook my own food. It’s still only April, right?
  9. Join a soccer team. I’m putting out feelers.
  10. Start golfing again. Since it was below freezing in Toronto until last weekend, golf season hasn’t really gotten going. Once it has, so will I.
  11. Go to ballgames at Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium with Jamie and Jeff. It’s a go for May 2-4!
  12. Train for a half-marathon. Uh…
  13. Get my Pearl Jam posters framed. I’m actually planning on getting started this weekend. I’ve also got prints of Maple Leaf Gardens and the Hoito that needed attending to.
  14. Keep my room cleaned and organized. Again, this was too vague…so I’m going to say that yes, my room is far cleaner and much better organized than it’s ever been, and so hence I’ve achieved this goal.
  15. Broaden my horizons where music, movies and literature are concerned. Another vague one–so again, I’m going to make a unilateral call. Success!
  16. Acquire a complete set of hockey cards. UPDATE 4/27: Done! See the next entry for more details.
  17. Buy Bri flowers. Done.
  18. Attend a church service. Done.
  19. Learn German. I’ve got a tape set; then again, I’ve had the tape set for almost a decade.
  20. Have someone utter the phrase “Choose your words carefully, Mr. Johns, they may be your last” with purpose and intent. Jon Thompson claims he meant it when he said it so…yeah.
  21. See Pearl Jam in a random location. If Pearl Jam would tour, I might be able to accomplish this. (And speaking of which: if I see them at Lollapalooza in Chicago, is that “random” enough?)
  22. Make mix CDs for Heather Johnson and Laura Schaefer, along with apology notes for taking so long. Heather’s is almost finished; Laura’s is contingent on figuring out whether putting “Stardog Champion” on a mix CD for anybody (let alone someone whose taste in music is completely unknown to me) is appropriate.
  23. Have a much better idea about where I’m headed. Check.
  24. Successfully guide Southampton to a Champions League victory in Football Manager. Twice with Football Manager 2006; I haven’t played Football Manager 2007 enough to duplicate the feat, but plan on doing it next year…with the Alex.
  25. Finish watching Season 1 of The O.C.. I will.
  26. Be able to look back at twenty-six and say, with confidence, that it was better than twenty-five. So far, so good…still.

So that’s…uh…nine in the bag, six in progress and eleven (ugh) which I still haven’t gotten to. Which means I’ve still got a lot of work to do between now and August 15–and which means I’ll need extra motivation. Your input is, as usual, appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Quarterly Report

  1. I’ll be as supportive as I can be when we’re blowing that 1000 dollars on theatre tickets, sweetheart.I know spending money in New York is hard for you. I commend the effort!

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