United 3:2 Milan

…and the treble is still on, thanks to a last-minute goal from Wayne Rooney. The two away goals, both scored by the singularly named Kaka, are a definite problem, and almost obligate United to go for it next week at the San Siro. But for now, they’re carrying a slender lead into the second leg. It’s still early, BUT…if United draw next week, they’re off to Athens.

Just sayin’.


5 thoughts on “United 3:2 Milan

  1. completely unrealted, but in regards to your Halberstam obit, did you ever read Vonnegut?now THAT man was a writer…(no offence to Mr. H at all) If you haven’t read Vonnegut Steve, you should, and I promise I’ll read some Halberstam

  2. I think I read Slaughterhouse Five a while back, but I can’t be certain. I probably should, being that it’s a generational classic and all; you might appreciate Halberstam’s writing more than most people, what with your sports obsession and your academic background. Actually, try the Belichick book–it’s phenomenal.

  3. Sounds good.Slaughterhouse Five was the one I was going to suggest you read, I did in High School, and it just blew me away, destroyed the idea of Linear Time. Great stuff.I’ll check out the Belicheck book if I see it. I’m kinda planning on getting another Klosterman book…why did you hate Cocoa Puffs?

  4. Because Chuck Klosterman is a self-satisfied wank who thinks he’s *way* funnier than he actually is. Also, he needs to cut back on his use of the semicolon. Badly.

  5. This is true, he does love the semicolon as a get out of writing a correct sentence free card…Funny I didnt think i’d like the book cause i usually hated his Spin columns…but i did.ok though I’ll remember that when i read it. thanks buddy

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