It Was A Slow Day

It was, and it is, a slow day today. I couldn’t fall asleep last night, which means I’m overcaffeinating just so I can make it to 4pm. I’m neither particularly busy nor especially motivated; I guess it was days like today which inspired Julius Erving to utter the immortal phrase, “Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don’t feel like doing them.” That’s me in a nutshell right now.

On the bright side…hey, it’s the Champions League semi-finals today! Manchester United are hosting A.C. Milan, a side who shouldn’t have been allowed in the competition in the first place (due to the Italian match fixing scandal…if you’re perplexed, click here). The last time United played an Italian club in a Champions League match at Old Trafford they won 7-1; that won’t happen again, but a tense, cagey 1-0 United victory would suit me just fine. Tomorrow, meanwhile, Chelsea¬†host to Liverpool. Michael Essien is suspended for this match; his absence is a massive blow for Chelsea, and will hopefully leave them exposed at the back and/or render them less potent coming forward. A 0-0 draw would be a brilliant result for Liverpool, who could then do the business back at Anfield in front of, among others, Paul, who queued outside the stadium from 4 o’clock this morning to score his 3rd row seats in the Kop. Whatever happens, I don’t care…as long as Chelsea lose.

I won’t be watching either match–stupid work–which makes me yearn for the days (i.e., undergrad) when I could literally schedule my life around the Champions League. If I go to law school next year (still no news on that front, by the way) I’ll be able to do it again (yes, I know). In the meantime…well, I don’t really have anything to do, actually. If do have work to get done, but it isn’t pressing yet. This is an increasingly rare situation, which makes days like today welcome reprieves. Even if I’m too tired to fully appreciate them.

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