While You Were Sleeping

Firstly…holy shit, did you see the Vancouver/Dallas game last night/this morning? I love playoff hockey; if Gary Bettman (or anyone else, for that matter) ever eliminates marathon overtime games in favour of shootouts I’ll actually stop watching hockey (like, for real).

Secondly, and for the benefit of you Ottawa Senators fans who read this blog, a few points on last night’s farce:

  1. You need to start cheering for your favourite team instead of cheering against your opponents. There’s a difference. Just because Maple Leaf fans boo Daniel Alfredsson doesn’t mean you should try and imitate them. Be bigger than that.
  2. Ottawa looked good last night.
  3. The officials are going to ruin this year’s playoffs. The Sens/Penguins game had twenty-two minor penalties. Twenty-two! And if you thought it was bad yesterday, wait til the series shifts to Pittsburgh. Ottawa is going to get penalized for holding onto the puck for too long…and if you think I’m overreacting, just you watch. (Bettman must have been vomiting in his own mouth yesterday night. I’m guessing the officiating these next few games is gonna be more blatantly rigged than an old-fashioned blacks vs. whites high school football game in the Deep South.)

Oh, and the Wild lost last night, but could just as easily have won. I’m telling you, they’re gonna go far this year.


One thought on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. Kudos,Cheering your own team is a far different action than that of booing the other…booing should be when something SPECIFIC happens, not just the player who got traded away or signed elsewhere touches the puck. At least the Alfredson booing stems from an actual incident. Much of the booing now is useless…when I saw Ottawa play Atlanta in early Jan, they booed Hossa…WHY??? that was possibly the most win-win trade in NHL history…both he and Heatley have thrived in new spots after being relatively good but not hitting that superstar point…so yes Steve. booing the Pens is stupid. Then again I’m sure the people of Ottawa aren’t all smart…

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