Seventh Heaven

Last week, an Italian man named Roberto Di Gregorio sent this delightful missive to the website Football 365:

“You s**t ManU should have lost 5-0. Over hyped and over marketed EPL and ManU. Over hyped and over marketed EPL and ManU. Over hyped and over marketed EPL and ManU. I can’t believe you believe the s**t they sell you. HAHAHAHA Serie A is the best league in the world. The EPL is a beer league. If you like watching drunken fools run around with no purpose – the long-ball along with kick-and-run football – then you watch the EPL. If you want to watch quality players use there minds and technical skills to beat their opponents then you watch Serie A. You English fans are stupid alcoholics – you just don’t any better. It’s mindless entertainment – the lowest form of football. English mothers drink when they carry their children and as result you all have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – all retards. The classic argument that you use is that the EPL is the most entertaining. Watching little kids play football is also entertaining, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best. Most of the best players from countries that actually have good players play in Serie A. This includes countries that actually win at international competitions such as Italy, Brazil, and Argentina (not overrated countries that never win eg. England and Spain – you guys are s**t). This is because the South Americans along with everyone else in the world hate Anglo-Saxons – the people are miserable, the country stinks, the weather is terrible, the food is a disgrace, you have no culture, and the EPL is horrific. Italy World Cups-4 vs. England-1 (fixed). Italy Euro Championships-1 vs. England-0. Italy Under 21 Euro Championships-5 vs. England-0. Total Italy-10 vs. England -1(fixed). England is s**t in more ways than one. Spain’s record is even worse. The numbers speak for themselves. Serie A has dominated for 50 years, and now that people are starting to pay attention to that sh** football played on that miserable foggy rock you call England you think you’re the best. Finally, if want a measure of the quality of European leagues league then look at the Champions League statistics. Once again, the numbers speak for themselves – Italian teams have been in the final 24 times and English teams have been it 13 times. THE NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES – YOU GUYS ARE S**T! Italy is the king of FOOTBALL, fashion, art, culture, history, design and architecture, cars, motorcycles, food, wine, luxury items, opera, ballet, etc. Italy has La Dolce Vita. England has the S**t Life. England is the king of nothing – GARBAGE DIRTY PEOPLE. I’VE BEEN IN YOUR HOMES. I know some stupid English person is going to comeback with argument about violence and corruption in Serie A, but don’t be so naïve – take it from me – it happens in all leagues, including the EPL. Why do think your keepers are so bad – they take bribes from gangs and officials. HAHAHAHAHA (P.S. get used to this one because I’ll cut and paste it until every member of your garbage race reads it).”

Tonight’s final score:

Your thoughts, Mr. Di Gregorio?


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