Alright, Fine

Alright, fine: so I was non-plussed about yesterday’s game. But how sweet was that??

(I kept track of yesterday’s goings-on thanks to Justin and Bri, who were sending me updates throughout The Phantom of the Opera. At intermission it was 6-5 Toronto, and when the people around me clued in to what was happening I became our section’s official score relayer. After “Masquerade”, when Justin and Bri both sent me “it’s over” text messages, I tapped the guy in front of me on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs-up, and he responded by turning around and high-fiving me in the middle of the show. I love Toronto. So now, ironically, we’re pulling for the fucking New Jersey Devils to beat the New York Islanders and send Toronto to the playoffs. I hate the Devils almost as much as the Ottawa Senators; I feel I’ve earned that right, given what happened to me the first time I visited Continental Airlines Arena. Anyway: in case you’re wondering, New Jersey is 6-1 vs. the Islanders this year; three of those wins were shutouts. Yet what are the chances Kerry Fraser’s made-up no-goal comes back to haunt the Leafs this afternoon? We’ll soon find out. Until then: LET’S GO DE-VILS!)


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