The Paris of the Canadian Shield

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Sudbury–ironically, the exact same room I stayed in when this long, strange trip started last October–and I’m feeling spent. I’m not tired; I was done being tired hours ago. Now I’m just spent. I’ve got nothing left in the tank; I’m also sick and filled with various amounts of cough medicine, Halls, generic decongestants and NeoCitran, which is naturally exacerbating the lethargy. Unfortunately I’ve still got three days left to go, and thus have no choice but to suck it up and soldier on.

Prior to today, I couldn’t have imagined a circumstance in which Sudbury would feel like Paris. Then I spent seven straight nights near the 49th Parallel, and suddenly any city with a Starbucks was a beacon of light. Sudbury has one–located conveniently down the street from my hotel–along with a host of other Western cultural amenities which I’ve sadly learned I’m incapable of living without. As soon as I publish this post (which could take hours, such is the weakeness of the wireless signal I get in this room) I’ve got to nail down the French version of my presentation. I’m speaking at an all-French high school tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll be able to fake it; of course, I’m feeling like such ass that it’s hard sitting upright. I’m praying this will pass. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter–I’ll just have to suck it up use this blog to vent.

By the way, another member of the circle of friends is engaged…for real, not for an April Fools Joke. Apparently everyone else (well, except for Talia) is above such base humour. All will be revealed in due course–which is a euphemism for, “As soon as the internet starts working.” Sit tight, pretties.


2 thoughts on “The Paris of the Canadian Shield

  1. Steve-o,Who got engaged? Anyone I know? Oh, by the way, remember Jenn Milligan, my friend? She’s about to pop out a baby any second! When did we all get so old and adult-like (I say ‘adult-like’ not adult!!)JBW

  2. No one you know, unless you know my high school friends…which is possible, given your history with the city of Thunder Bay. When I put the pictures up you’ll have to let me know. 😉 (p.s., I’ll reply to your E-mail as soon as I get home and can think up some good ideas!)

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