Life is a Highway

Greetings once again from Timmins, where the weather is beautiful (plus-4 and climbing) and where the television is boring. I just got back from dinner at East Side Mario’s–and tonight, I literally don’t have anything to do. Bri’s flight comes in at midnight, but between now and then I’ve got a whole lot of nothing to look forward to. Not gonna lie: it’s a good way to start the weekend.

Today was a very good day. Firstly, this morning’s presentation, which took place in nearby Cochrane (which is where Tim Horton was born, and which hence plays a major role in Canada’s modern identity), was exhilarating, and reminded me why what I do is really important. At the end of the presentation a kid asked me for my autograph–like, literally came up to me with a Post-It Note and asked me to sign it. Unfortunately for him I didn’t have a pen on me–but still, have you been asked for your autograph lately? Secondly, I won Roll Up The Rim not once but twice today; that’s two straight wins after starting like 0-for-40. Thirdly, Bri will be here in six hours.

Fourthly, barring any unforeseen circumstances (i.e., Bri really wanting to see Kirkland Lake), I won’t have to drive anywhere this weekend, which is a welcome change after driving 1,770km in the last five days (not counting incidental driving within the places I’ve visited). I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I’d much rather drive in heavy traffic than spend hours on an empty highway. Say what you will about Toronto drivers–and I have–but at least their antics keep you mentally adroit. Nothing keeps you mentally adroit on a northern highway…well, apart from the threat of imminent death. Still, the hours I’ve spent in the Durango have allowed me to become familiar with Sirius, which is fast becoming the greatest purchase I’ve ever made. The Who channel is gone, but the new 90s alternative station might be even better; at one point yesterday I heard “River of Deceit”, “Dirty Frank” and “Stardog Champion” (!), and if you’ve got any idea what I’m talking about…well, you’re probably a good candidate to get Sirius, too. The garage rock channel, meanwhile, is even better than I remembered. I’m giddy about this.

I’m also excited for this weekend’s slate of hockey games. Gary Bettman and his moron crew of sycophants have done their best to ruin the NHL brand of hockey, but their insistence on creating league-wide parity has certainly lead to some intriguing developments down the stretch. The Leafs are still very much alive, despite yesterday’s meltdown against Atlanta (Toronto should have scored about nine goals, but lost 3-2 in overtime). On that note, later tonight I’ll be doing something which I hate doing but which is become increasingly necessary: rooting for the Ottawa Senators. If you need any further evidence that the apocalypse is upon us, I’d offer this as a compelling piece. Enjoy your night, everybody.


One thought on “Life is a Highway

  1. Stardog Champion! Now THAT would make me wake up if it came on the radio…but I have to say I prefer the long hours on the empty highway, although I do respect your point about monotony and toronto drivers at least keeping u awake. It is the apocalypse…rah Ottawa? and hadn’t you given up on those Leafs? =) not that you’re not allowed to have a relapse and hope again. I love that someone wanted a Steve Johns autograph…you must be like the VIP guy. awesome, keep up the good fight

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