Into the Great Wide Open

(Note: this entry was written in two parts. If you read the other version…uh, this one’s new and improved! That’s it: new and improved. So read on. Otherwise, read on anyway, ’cause you never read it in the first place.)

I loved Kirkland Lake when I visited back in October–so I figured, why not spend another, totally unnecessary night? Which is what I’m doing right now, since I actually don’t have a reason to be here. I was in Parry Sound and North Bay earlier today and I’ve got to be in Kapuskasing by lunchtime tomorrow, but I’ve got no actual business here in Kirkland Lake. Obviously the town made quite the impression on me: I took a half-hour detour just so I could sleep here. It still feels remote…but considering where I’ll be this time tomorrow, I should probably be relishing the urban amenities at my disposal (like Subway, where I ate dinner tonight, or Tim Hortons, one of which isn’t located within fifty miles of where I’ll be spending the next two days).

The soundtrack to today’s car ride was largely provided by Little Steven’s Underground Garage, my runaway favourite Sirius station now that the Who channel is no longer available in Canada (and which, as of March 31, won’t be available anywhere else, either). When that got boring, I switched over to His Bobness, and discovered that the only way to fully appreciate the soul-numbing emotional ambivalence of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” is by listening to it over and over again on a single-lane highway in the middle of the Canadian Shield. As it was in October, the driving was white knuckle the entire way. Visibility was non-existant at times; I’d be staring into a fog as thick as a bowl of pea soup when suddenly, bam, a transport truck would be hurtling towards me. Driving in those conditions is mentally taxing, and by the time I arrived at my hotel (the same one I stayed at in October) I was exhausted and ready for a break. Which, in Kirkland Lake, meant cruising Government Street looking for fast food (success!), then coming back to the Comfort Inn and watching Sportscentre. It’s not that there’s nothing else to do here: it’s just that I couldn’t be bothered to do anything else.

Actually, that’s not quite true. I did manage to finish all of this week’s packages tonight. At the same time, I started watching American Beauty on my computer (an homage, as it were, to my friend Ryan, who got engaged yesterday…and if you’re wondering why he didn’t get a blog entry celebrating his engagement, it’s because I actually don’t have any pictures of him on my computer. So Ryan, congratulations!) But then the DVD crapped out, so I gave up; instead, I’m going to read myself to sleep. By the way, today’s presentations went really well. I’ve got one tomorrow and two on Wednesday, then have Thursday completely off. I love this road trip already. If you’re wondering what it’s looked like so far, I’ve uploaded a few pictures from the road. Click here if you wanna see ’em.

Oh, and here’s the 2007 edition of Team Awesome:

  • C: Joe Mauer
  • 1B: Lyle Oooooooooverbay
  • 2B: Josh Barfield
  • 3B: Eric Chavez
  • SS: Jimmy Rollins
  • OF: Carlos Beltran
  • OF: Carl Crawford
  • OF: Eric Byrnes
  • Util: Austin Kearns
  • SP: Dice-K
  • SP: Justin Verlander
  • RP: Frankie Rodriguez
  • RP: Billy Wagner
  • P: Matt Cain
  • P: Ervin Santana
  • P: Brad Penny
  • Bench: Chris Burke, the Youk, Morgan Ensberg, Zach Attack, Jeremy Sowers, Braden Looper

Bring on the season! This is Steve, over and out from Kirkland Lake.


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