The Education of a Coach

I’ll keep this short, since any mention of Bill Belichick will inevitably cause Adam Say to begin sharpening his knives. I will say, however, that David Halberstam’s study of Belichick’s career, The Education of a Coach, is arguably the best sports-related book I’ve ever read, a fascinating account of one man’s quest for excellence in his field. By no means am I a Patriots fan–far from it, in fact–but the story of how Belichick and his staff built the current dynasty is utterly enthralling. I actually didn’t want to finish this book because I wanted to keep on reading it; for that reason, the very least I can do is recommend that you read it yourself.

Up next: Wicked. I’m bringing a stack of books up north with me, with the aim of reading at least three of them in the next two weeks. We’ll see how successful I am.


6 thoughts on “The Education of a Coach

  1. tsk, I expected better than that, kinda defeatist attitude isn’t it?I love how many fans will do that when their team sucks and then start cheering again later (I don’t presume to include you or leafs fans but sports fans in general, and given the nature of the Leaf curse…well I suppose its understandable.)

  2. Firstly, the use of the word “curse” is excessive. Secondly, I wouldn’t have stopped caring if the Leafs hadn’t stopped caring–but based on what I saw during yesterday’s third period, when Paul Maurice was standing behind the bench with a blank expression on his face, I was forced to conclude that they’d stopped caring, and that as a result I shouldn’t care either. This team is *done*, dude. Carolina will get one of the last two spots; I don’t really care who gets the other one, but it won’t be Toronto. That’s fine with me. I actually don’t care anymore.Now…when Ottawa wins the cup, then I’ll start caring again.

  3. ok thank you, I appreciate the explanation, when I saw the game and heard Glenn Healy AND Harry Neale both practically yelling at Maurice to take the Timeout, I thought wow, Sage and I looked better playing D on Birch…For that I offer condolences, for even if my team misses the playoffs too, I at least hope they, onto Sirius radio to occupy the time 😉curse no, futility? more kosher?

  4. Curse, no. Futile, more kosher. I hate the word “curse” as it pertains to sports teams; that whole stupid “Curse of the Bambino” crap was just one more reason to hate the Boston Red Sox, especially since the media apparently believed in it. With the Leafs, it’s a lot simpler than a curse: it’s a franchise that’s been comically mismanaged for forty years. If you ever want to study how *not* to run a professional sports team, just study Leaf history; you’ll get more pointers than you could have ever dreamed of finding elsewhere. If there’s a silver lining to this year’s debacle, it’s that the team is at least giving the impression that it’s going somewhere. Where that is I don’t know, but there’s a semblance of direction there. You couldn’t have said that a few years ago, imo.

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