The Bleacher Creatures

The first great non-work-related road trip of 2007 is afoot!

Last year, in the week leading up to Rahul and Sangeeta’s wedding in Youngstown, OH, Jamie, Jeff and I made detours to Jacobs Field in Cleveland and PNC Park in Pittsburgh. By the end of the second game we’d already vowed to do a second ballpark tour–except this time we had history on our minds. When I wrote my list of twenty-six things I wanted to do while I was twenty-six, one of them read: “Go to Fenway Park…for a game, this time. Then, go to Yankee Stadium with Jamie and Jeff.” Thus, the proverbial die was cast. When this season’s schedule came out we started making plans for a trip over May -24. The prospective itinerary was crammed with baseball-y goodness: two games at Fenway Park in Boston, followed by games at Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium in New York. As if that wasn’t enough, the weekend featured some of the classic rivalries in baseball: the Atlanta Braves’ return to Boston (their hometown until 1953), the “Subway Series” between the Mets and the Yankees, and a Yankees/Red Sox game. Hey, at least we’re not unambitious.

Not surprisingly, we didn’t get tickets to any of the four games. The “secondary market” (wink, wink) wasn’t lacking for choice, but the prices were actually insane; the Mets game, for instance, received 400,000 applications for single tickets, while the Yankees…well, 2007 is their second-last season at the old Yankee Stadium and the Red Sox are their bitterest rival. Good luck with that, right? Well, yesterday, it finally came: I pulled three tickets–together, in the bleachers no less, for $12 a pop–to the Yankees/Red Sox game at the Stadium. I bought them–duh–then left a message on Jeff’s voicemail telling him I had “good news” for him. I suspect he thought I’d gotten engaged; I guarantee, however, that the actual reason for the call had him even more excited.

And so, on Monday, May 21, the three of us are going to Yankee Stadium. I’ve been twice, most recently in 2004, but neither Jamie nor Jeff has visited the House that Ruth Built. I can’t wait to see their faces when they enter it for the first time. Keep watching this space to see how we weasel our way into Fenway and Shea!


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