Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

On Tuesday, November 9, 2004–having just seen the Beastie Boys and Green Day during an eight-day stretch–I wrote the following:

“[There’s] one artist who’s been riiight at the top of my ‘must see’ list ever since I first knew who he was: Chris Cornell. And I’ve never seen him: not when he was in Soundgarden (too young, if barely), not during his solo tour (although I’m not sure why not), not with his new band Audiosalve (because frankly, Audioslave sucks). With the Beasties and Green Day both firmly under my belt, I can now turn my attention to seeing Chris Cornell in concert.”

That was two years ago. Since then, Audioslave did one last arena tour before calling it quits earlier this year. Cornell, meanwhile, recorded the theme song for the remake of Casino Royale, but otherwise kept a low profile. He certainly wasn’t touring as a solo entity; there were occasional rumours of an impending release, but nothing concrete.

But good things apparently do come to those who wait. In June, Cornell’s sophomore solo record, Carry On, is coming out. And on Saturday, April 14 the man himself will be gracing the stage of the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto! I’m actually supposed to be in Napanee that night, getting ready for a major fundraising event, but I’ve already been cleared to leave early. The show is being billed as with “an evening with” Chris Cornell–meaning no opening band and a complete career retrospective, including Soundgarden, Audioslave, solo, even Temple of the fucking Dog. And it’s at the Phoenix! I’ve never given less thought to an $18 shipping fee. CAN’T WAIT!


5 thoughts on “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

  1. But the shame is, he really can’t wail anymore. As far as I’m concerned, I’m leaving my C.C. experience blank until the inevitable Soundgarden reunion.

  2. I kinda hope Soundgarden doesn’t reunite myself, since it’d be a refreshing change for a band to actually quit at the top of its game and leave well enough alone. Plus, if any potential Soundgarden reunion involved Matt Cameron leaving Pearl Jam, I’d have to oppose it out of principle anyway. I’ll take Chris Cornell solo over that any day of the week.

  3. Steve, this is completely unrelated to whatever that music entry was about…let’s be honest I didn’t read it!!! and you’re not on MSN right now and I have drunk enough whiskey to HAVE to ask you a sports question. I have just learnt that apparently the Raptors are kicking ass and apparently there are a lot of bandwagon jumpers who are ignoring the fact that the Leafs could still make playoffs. Now, I am quite sure that you are still with me in not being such a fan of basketball. Can you confirm this and also, what does this bandwagon jumping say about Toronto? Or am I getting the wrong impression from across the Atlantic?

  4. Tim, as much as I know you love to lambast Canadians/North Americans in general, I’m pretty sure this Raptor bandwagon (which very much does exist) is about as natural reaction to a successful team as you’ll find. This is normal; I don’t think it could be called an aberration, or however it’s spelt. And to be honest, as much as I don’t care about basketball, it’s nice to see the team doing well. Yet despite their success, they still can’t hold a candle to the Leafs. Believe me, people are *very* aware that the team isn’t doing well this year; it’s pretty much all anyone talks about. The Raptors (or the Jays, for that matter) can really do as well as they want: Toronto is, and will forever remain, a Leaf town, and no amount of success from any of the other teams will ever diminish this fact.I cannot fathom what a Leaf Stanley Cup would do to the region. It would be utterly amazing.

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