Western Country-fied

Tonight’s setlist, which came to you live from a townhouse living room in the nexus of Toronto neighbourhoods:

  • The Seeker [Who]
  • You’re the Only Thing
  • The Consequences
  • Teen Recital
    • Since U Been Gone [Kelly Clarkson]
  • Den of Liars
  • Engaged
  • Silver Screen
    • Joe Louis/Judgement Day [Big Sugar]
  • Hippie Song
  • We Will Be Alright
  • new song
  • Tag, You’re It
  • Ride Like Hell [Big Sugar]
  • Kensington Market
    • When Doves Cry [Prince]
      • East Virginia Blues [trad.]
  • Wonderful
    • Irresistible [Beyonce]
  • The Man in Me [Bob Dylan]
  • new song (about Belinda Stronach!)
    • All My Love [Led Zeppelin]
  • Santa Monica [Everclear]
  • Last Kiss [J. Frank Wilson & the Caveliers]
  • Black [Pearl Jam]
  • High & Dry [Radiohead]

Just to clarify: the last song on the written setlist was the “Wonderful/Irresistible” double shot. But then the audience wouldn’t let us leave, so we started improvising. After “Santa Monica,” and for reasons which I don’t pretend to understand, I felt emboldened enough to strap on Tyrone’s guitar and play two mostly instrumental covers: “Last Kiss” and “Black”. Then, realizing it was 11:30pm and I was supposed to be at Pearson by midnight to pick Bri up from a flight in from Regina (it’s a long story), I resumed my rightful place behind the drum kit, and Tyrone and I brought the proceedings to a halt with a snippet of “High & Dry” by Radiohead. Alright, that’s not quite true: as I was scrambling out of the house, Tyrone was serenading the audience with a solo version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by the renowned chanteuse Cyndi Lauper. God only knows what happened next.


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