Party Hearty!*

Sorry for the short notice…BUT, if you’ve got plans for tomorrow night, I suggest you change them as soon as possible. The reason: you’ve been cordially invited to what might potentially be the last Western Country gig ever played. (Okay, so it’s not nearly as apocalyptic as it sounds: Tyrone and I are looking for a new name. Also, we’re thinking of adding at least one new member, so this might be our last show as a duo. Otherwise, that bolded text was purely to grab your attention.) In our ongoing quest to play every single non-traditional venue in Toronto, we’ve picked a dandy for tomorrow: a townhouse near Parliament and Dundas. We hit the stage (or the living room, as it were) at around 9:30; we’ll rock until 11pm or the cops tell us to stop, whichever comes first. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Whatever, man–if I don’t see them tomorrow, I’ll just see them later on.” But while I can certainly appreciate your point, think about it this way: as cool as it is to say you’ve seen Pearl Jam, imagine how much cooler it’d be to say you’ve seen Mookie Blaylock? You get the drift. See you all tomorrow!

(*–I wasn’t sure if it was “party hearty” or “party hardy”, so I did a Google search and found this article here. I was right…I think.)


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