Today after work I almost literally ran into this guy…

…on Bloor Street. In related news, I just finished burning my clothing and bathing myself in tomato juice. I love this city.

6 thoughts on “HA!

  1. I am not sure who Louise Post is, but hell, I’d go for either. Anything for a chance at some good ole’ story telling. Keep in mind that I am a very sick F**K!

  2. I was so stunned I didn’t know what to do. I thought about stepping up to him and saying, “Mr. Jeremy, I’m a great admirer of your work,” but then realized I’d probably have to shake hands with him if I did that. So I did nothing, except for cracking up.Brad, Louise Post is the singer for Veruca Salt. When Jeff and I saw them at AJ’s back in 2000, she spent about half the show grinding her face in our crotches. It was like being at a feature, except the feature played guitar and sang “Seether” really, really badly.

  3. Sweet. Now that is true audience interaction and connection. My favorite kind as well. I just usually have to pay through the nose for that kind of treatment.Now Steve, do I really need to point out my disappointment with how you handled your run in with a legend. Think about it, It is like when you met Ken Dryden. Jeremy is just a master of a different craft. I would have at least made an attempt at a picture or an autographed penis.

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