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  1. I’d so much rather United won it than Chelsea. For all their Mancunian scumminess, at least they play football, unlike Chavski. Yesterday’s result shows how cruel football is, Liverpool played the better football, had the better chances, looked the better team — until United had their first, and only shot on target, in injury time. When they got the free kick, I’d resigned myself to the fact that they were going to score, its just their manner. Wankers.What are the only three English clubs with a swear word in their name?Arsenal, Scunthorpe, and Fucking United.

  2. It would be an interesting survey (ok interesting is maybe stretching it but still) – Would Liverpool fans rather have Chelsea or United win the league? I do personally think that most would “cheer” for Chelsea but it may be closer that I would think. For all that Chelsea have “ruined” the game with their money, the reality is that Liverpool and United aren’t much better, both under foreign ownerships and both paying way above the necessary for average players who takemanship far beyond what should be seen in the beautiful game. I don’t buy this argument that Chelsea don’t play good football either as frankly they play more exciting football than Liverpool in most games. I mean that Carling cup final was amazing. And speaking of which, if you really want to see an exciting and purely skillful team play football cheer for Arsenal who by the way are already my pick for the league next season. As for the managers, yeah we can all hate Mourinho, but we forget how much Fergie was hated during those United glory years whenever every Liverpool man saw him in the same way of we look at Gary Neville today. At the end of most games it seemed that he would cry about something such as the amount of injury time that was played only for United to score two goals during injury time the very next week!!So whilst I would cheer for any other team against Chelsea except for United, I must maintain my call of Come on Chelsea.

  3. Living in Liverpool, it seems that even the most ardent Reds would rather United win the league — if only to break the Chelsea monopoly, and give heart to the chasing pack.I don’t subscribe to the Chelsea’s money has ruined the game philosophy either — granted, it makes it easier for them in the transfer market, but as Michael Ballack and Andrei Shevchenko have proven, the best players don’t make the best team. Chelsea do play some nice football, but by and large, they subscribe to the Houllier school of attacking, and you and I both know, that it may be effective, it can be horrible to watch, and at the end of the day, I watch football to be entertained.I agree that Arsenal are brilliant to watch, so much pace, technique, and flair — if they can get a decent central defender, a bit more steel, and a bit less Eboue, they really might pose a problem next year.Seriously though, how brilliant was it yesteday seeing Mark Gonzalez belt Gary Neville in the balls in slow motion? 😉

  4. “Seriously though, how brilliant was it yesteday seeing Mark Gonzalez belt Gary Neville in the balls in slow motion? ;)”I would imagine about as brilliant as it was seeing John O’Shea–John O’Shea!–lashing the ball into the roof of the Liverpool net in the 91st minute. 😀Seriously, tho, great discussion boys–as you were.

  5. I’ll have to take Liver-Paul’s word on the view on the streets regarding prefering United to Chelsea. I don’t understand it though since the worst that Chelsea have done to Liverpool is deprieve them of a Carling Cup two years ago. When it comes to the games that matter, Liverpool beat them and let’s be honest, if Chelsea hadn’t won the league in the last two years, it would not have meant that Liverpool would have. United on the other hand have caused me so much hurt that they shall never be forgiven. Nonetheless, I’ll accept that there is a strong anti Chelsea movement and maybe that is winning out. I just don’t buy into it. If, as is certainly quite possible, all four English teams progress in the Champions League, it is good odds that there will be another high stakes battle of Britain in the quarters. Now that could change everything. Because quite frankly, this looks like another year for an English club to win it all. C’mon Liverpool

  6. Liver-Paul:Recognize a great side when you see it! Maybe, just maybe LUFC will beat Barca on tuesday and you’ll be drawn against Man U in the next round, winner takes all! Apart from Gerrard and Bellamy, yes Bellamy, I wouldn’t select any other LUFC player for the Reds, were it possible!Johnsy

  7. You mean you wouldn’t take Xabi Alonso or Momo Sissoko over Michael Carrick in midfield? Or John Arne Riise over Patrice Evra?Or Jamie Carragher over either of your central defenders?Brave shout on Craig Bellamy though….

  8. I’ll answer for him:— Alonso/Sissoko over Carrick: Firstly, Sissoko and Carrick are different types of players. Secondly, since you’re constantly whinging about Alonso’s form this year, I’d call this one a dead heat. 😉— Riise over Evra: You’re having a laugh.— Carragher over Ferdinand and Vidic: Not only are you having a laugh, but now you’re looking for syndication. (To be fair, Carragher was brilliant in the run-in to the 2005 CL and was very, very good on Sunday. But he’s nowhere near as good as you scouse would have the rest of us think.)btw, Ian posting on this blog is establishing a dangerous precedent. I sort of wish last night had never happened.

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