Reading Update

Since I was under de facto house arrest last night, I figured I should finally be rid of Londonistan, Melanie Phillips’ incredibly incendiary book about Islamism’s alleged encroachment on Great Britain. The book offended me on practically every level–conceptually, historically, analytically, argumentatively…you name it. Yet having said that, it was also thoroughly engrossing. There were even occasions when I found myself nodding and saying, “Hmm, y’know I actually agree with that?!” It was an intriguing book, then; I don’t know if I can quite recommend it (and I wish I could write a critical book review about it so I could take some of its shortcomings to task), but it’s certainly an interesting read. If you can’t make it all the way through, at least read the conclusion–it’s liable to make your blood begin to boil.

Having finished with Londonistan, which might be the heaviest-handed book I’ve ever read, it was time for a change of pace–and so I’ve finally succumbed to pressure and started reading The Da Vinci Code. I pride myself on not being susceptible to hype, but I’m keeping an open mind where this book is concerned. Stay tuned.


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