Resolutions, Of Sorts

I’m still working on my New Year’s Resolutions (no, really), but in the absence of any concrete developments on that front I figured I’d update you on my twenty-six goals for my twenty-sixth year. I made the list back in August; let’s see how I’ve been doing so far:

  1. Get back into shape. Uh…check back in six months.
  2. Join a band. Done!
  3. Rewrite the LSATs–and this time, break 160. Half-done: I did rewrite the LSATs, but didn’t break 160. In fact, I got a worse mark than I did the first time. Extenuating circumstances came into play, however, so I don’t even know if the score will end up counting. We’ll see, I guess.
  4. Go to Europe. I’m still planning on going in August.
  5. Volunteer; I figure I owe Sick Kids at least ten years. Again, half-done: while I haven’t been able to volunteer at Sick Kids, I have started giving them $10 a month. It’s a start, right?
  6. Totally excel at my new job, then blow my $1,000 end-of-year bonus on something completely frivolous–like gorilla art for Bri. I’d like to think I’ve totally excelled at my new job, although I also know there’s room for improvement (becoming better organized would be a start). The gorillia art’s still a go, mind.
  7. Start making my own coffee in the morning. Uh…
  8. Start cooking my own food. Uh… (and by the way, Bri Johnson just collapsed with laughter)
  9. Join a soccer team. It isn’t soccer season yet.
  10. Start golfing again. Ditto with golf season.
  11. Go to ballgames at Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium with Jamie and Jeff. It’s being planned for May 2-4.
  12. Train for a half-marathon, even I don’t end up running it. See #1.
  13. Get my Pearl Jam posters framed. I’m working on it; I figured I should get my degree framed first, then work upward from there.
  14. Keep my room cleaned and organized. I’ve certainly gotten better at doing this. Bri, bless her, is obsessed with cleanliness and organization; on that front, we’ve had more than a few “in nights” which have turned into excuses for her to organize my closet. (And while we’re on the subject: last night I cleaned out my hard drive, and found that my entire mp3 collection had been duplicated and then copied to my shared folder–which means I had approximately 100% more mp3s than I should have had. I freed up a tonne of space with one click of a mouse button.)
  15. Broaden my horizons where music, movies and literature is concerned. So far, so good. And if you’ve been checking the “what i’m reading” link on the side menu, you’ll notice I’ve begun recreational reading again.
  16. Acquire a complete set of hockey cards. I’m working on it.
  17. Buy Bri flowers. Done; I even had them delivered to her school!
  18. Attend a church service. Done–a Westfort Baptist Church service, no less. Now, I’ll have to find a local church I can attend semi-regularly.
  19. Learn German–for real this time. Not yet…
  20. Have someone utter the phrase “Choose your words carefully, Mr. Johns, they may be your last” with purpose and intent. This, strictly speaking, has happened; whether Jon Thompson uttered the phrase with purpose and intent remains to be seen. (2/27 UPDATE: Jon Thompson just sent me an MSN message which read, “Both purpose and intent, my friend.” So there you have it.)
  21. See Pearl Jam in an utterly random location. I haven’t had the chance.
  22. Make mix CDs for Heather Johnson and Laura Schaefer, along with apology notes for taking so long. I’m working on it.
  23. Have a much better idea about where I’m headed. Check.
  24. Successfully guide Southampton to a Champions League victory in Football Manager. YES! TWICE! In the end, I turned Saints into an absolute dynasty; now I’ll have to replicate that success in Football Manager 2007.
  25. Finish watching Season 1 of The O.C.. I’ll get to it eventually.
  26. Be able to look back at twenty-six and say, with confidence, that it was better than twenty-five. Again: so far, so good.

So: six months later, and I feel as though I’m making inroads where these goals for the year are concerned. You’ll have to wait until August to see if I can accomplish each and every one of them; optimistically, I feel as though I can.


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